How to Find Parking in Logan Square

This up & coming neighborhood is known for its trendy restaurants, craft cocktail lounges, and overall neighborly feel. From a happening nightlife to a unique dining experience to shopping at local boutiques, this northwest neighborhood has more and more to offer every year.

Need parking in the neighborhood? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for information about residential parking permits, hourly street parking, or a secure off-street option, we have everything that you need to know. Our Logan Square Parking Guide will make sure that you find a safe, convenient place to leave your car so that you can spend more time exploring the neighborhood.

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Logan Square Online Parking Reservations

 Explore Logan Square parking options with the map below and use SpotHero to pay for parking ahead of time!

Things to Know About Parking in Logan Square

The abundance of street parking in Logan Square ensures you’ll rarely, if ever, park in lots or garages. However, as the neighborhood grows in popularity, knowing the best streets to find parking is key. A couple of factors to consider when parking in Logan Square are time limits and weather restrictions.

Most street parking in Logan Square has a 2-hour time limit. Feeding the meter for more time won’t count if you exceed the maximum amount of time allowed. You have to move your car after the maximum parking time, even if that means moving it one spot down. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting a parking ticket.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the weather. In the winter, look out for signs indicating whether it’s legal to park on the street. This will depend on how much snow is on the ground. If a couple inches of snow have fallen, do your best to find parking on a street that has already been cleared or park in one of the parking garages.

Find more here on general Chicago parking information, like the details of the Chicago vehicle sticker, how to retrieve a towed car, and more.

Top Logan Square Parking Parking Tips

  • Do your research ahead of time. Logan Square is growing in popularity, so if you’re heading somewhere that draws a crowd, it’s good to know your parking options beforehand. For instance, if you’re going to a restaurant on a crowded street like Milwaukee Avenue, it’ll pay to know which side streets have parking.
  • Always, always look out for signage about parking restrictions when parking on the street. Restrictions typically have to do with weather, time limits, and street cleaning.

Best Places to Park in Logan Square

The lot under the El line at 2860 W. Medill Avenue stands out. It’s in located in the heart of Logan Square, right next to the many restaurants and thriving nightlife on Milwaukee Avenue.

For street parking, check out Kimball Avenue between Diversey Street and Fullerton Avenue. This parking stretch is the closest free parking to the Logan Square.

Logan Square Parking Map

View the map below or directly on Google for a list of off-street parking lots and garages in Logan Square.

2823 W Logan Blvd Lot

2860 W Medill Ave Under El Lot

2167 N Stave St Lot

7007 W Medill Ave Lot

Logan Square Street Parking

Street Parking Overview

There’s a ton of metered and free street parking in Logan Square. The trick is to know where to look.

If you’re parking near a main strip with lots of businesses, you’ll most likely have to pay for parking. If you’re willing to walk a few blocks, however, most residential areas have streets with free parking nestled in between the streets allotted for permit parking.

Your best bet? When going to a specific location in Logan Square, check out the meter and residential permit parking maps to decide on a couple options beforehand.

Best Bets for Street Parking

Logan Square Best Bets

N Kimball Ave

  • Find free parking on both sides of Kimball between Fullerton and Diversey.
  • This parking stretch is only a couple blocks away from the Logan Square, where you’ll find tons of restaurants and locally owned boutiques.
  • Insider tip: This part of Kimball undergoes lots of construction and is swept clean once a week. Make sure to read parking signs every single time.

N Milwaukee Ave

  • Ample meter parking is available on Milwaukee between Logan and Fullerton.
  • Milwaukee Avenue is arguably the busiest street in Logan Square. If you go just north of Fullerton, however, there is almost always available spaces.

W Fullerton Ave

  • There is tons of meter parking on Fullerton between Central and Milwaukee.
  • If you hate searching for parking but don’t mind walking a few blocks, Fullerton is a great option for you.

Logan Square Parking Meter Locations and Rate Areas

Logan Square Meters

All metered parking in Logan Square costs $2 per hour. Click here for an interactive version of the map above.

Find more information about metered parking in Logan Square, like disability parking and pay station hours, here.


Paying for Metered Parking in Logan Square

You can pay for metered parking in Logan Square at the pay stations located in the parking zone where you are parking. You should see a sign pointing to the direction of the pay station. Quarters and credit/debit/pre-paid cards are all accepted.

Another option is to download the city’s street parking app, ParkChicago, which allows you to pay from your smartphone. But its best feature is the ability to extend the time on your meter without having to go back to your car, especially in the winter!


Logan Square Residential Parking Zone

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 5.08.57 PM

Residential parking is available throughout Logan Square. Click here to see Chicago’s residential parking map.

To park in a residential zone, you need either a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker with Residential Zone Parking or a Daily Residential Parking Permit for guests. Some zones require a residential permit at all times, while others only require permit at certain times of day or night. Find more information about city vehicle stickers here.

Snow Regulations

Snow plows clear snow constantly to maintain Logan Square’s streets in the winter. That being said, street parking is prohibited when there’s over 2 inches of snow. Don’t carry a ruler with you? Your best bet is to avoid street parking altogether when it’s snowing or when snow is on the ground. Park in a parking garage or lot instead.

The city also puts overnight parking bans in place during the winter so that the streets can be plowed at night. Check the City of Chicago website in the winter for more information about when exactly those bans are in place.

Parking Near Top Logan Square Attractions

The 606: This is the perfect way to explore four of Chicago’s northwest neighborhoods: Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Wicker Park, and Bucktown. The 606 is a 2.7 mile, elevated trail with greenery and multiple exits in the aforementioned neighborhoods. It’s basically a long park spanning over dozens of streets. Originally, the trail was the Bloomingdale Line train, but traffic was slow and more green space was needed in Logan.

To park at or near the 606, the most important thing you need to know is which entrance you’re accessing the trail from. There are eight entry points to the trail in Logan Square.

Any of the entrance points are only a couple blocks away from W. Armitage Avenue, where there’s ample meter parking. The entrance at Spaulding happens to have free parking up and down the street, so it’s always a good location to check first.


The Logan Theatre: Logan Square is a neighborhood that prides itself on the upkeep of the buildings constructed in the early 20th century. Typically these buildings are repurposed, but The Logan Theatre is a rare exception, operating as a movie theater since its opening in 1915.

The theater now shows a mix of independent and blockbuster films, but always at a discounted price. In an age where going to the movies costs a fortune, the prices at Logan are a breath of fresh air.

Along Milwaukee Avenue, there is typically plenty of meter parking within walking distance of the theater. However, if you’re seeing a movie during the day, time limits can become an issue. To avoid potential parking tickets, consider parking for free on Kimball Avenue, just a few blocks away.

Logan Square Parking Resources

  • CTA – Chicago’s public transportation site with parking information near city trains and buses.
  • Parknav – Helps parkers find the best street parking with real-time predictive data.
  • ParkMe – Helps parkers find off- and on-street parking using full-time researchers and a predictive algorithm.
  • – City website with parking information, such as laws, restrictions, permits, and more. 
  • SpotHero – Find and reserve parking in advance with this free on-demand parking app.
  • Parkopedia – Browse street and off-street parking rates with an interactive map.