Lakeview East Neighborhood Guide: Where to Eat, Drink, Park, and More

The Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago can mean a lot of different things, depending on which area you’re talking about. One of our favorite areas in Lakeview is the east side. It runs parallel to the lake and is home to one of the most bustling streets in the neighborhood, Broadway.

Lakeview East has it all. There are fun shops, popular restaurants, a cool movie theater, and tons of hole-the-wall places to discover, making it an easy, enjoyable place to spend the day.

We’ve rounded up the best restaurants, bars, shops, and more, plus affordable, convenient parking in Lakeview East.

Where is Lakeview East?

Lakeview East is aptly named for its location, which is the east area of Lakeview. 

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Where to Go in Lakeview East

Planning a day in Lakeview East and don’t know where to start? This map will point you to the best restaurants, shops, and more all within a walking distance from one another. If you’re looking to spend a day roaming around Lakeview, an easy bet is to start at the corner of Broadway and Diversey, walking north on Broadway.

Where to Park in Lakeview East

There’s abundant parking in Lakeview East! Once you know where you’d like to start your day, use this interactive map to find and book the convenient, affordable Lakeview East parking.

The Best Places to Eat, Drink, and Explore in Lakeview East


Where to Drink

DryHop Brewers
3155 N Broadway St

This in-house brewery and restaurant opened only a couple years ago, and it’s a neighborhood staple. The best time to hang out at DryHop is in the summer when they open the front windows, so you can enjoy the weather.


Insider tip: Looking for a Chicago-centric gift for your beer-loving friend or family member? DryHop sells 64 oz. growlers of beer, with popular flavors like Shark Meets Hipster and Mad City Madmen.

Intelligentsia Coffee
3123 N Broadway St

The Intelligentsia on Broadway is the Chicago-based coffee roaster’s very first storefront. If you’re the kind of coffee drinker who cares about flavor notes and brewing methods, this is the coffee shop for you.


The Coffee & Tea Exchange
3311 N Broadway St

This shop is filled to the brim with jars of coffee, tea, and spices. Along the back wall, they sell a variety of common and unique spices, like pink pepper and star anise.


Fun fact: Opened in 1975, the shop still employs members of the original owner’s family.


Bar Pastoral
2947 N Broadway St

Bar Pastoral has great brunch and dinner menus. We love their cheese and wine selection. The waiters are super knowledgeable, so let them know what types of wine you usually like. They’ll bring you something you’ll love.


824  W Belmont Ave

Dollop is a popular Chicago coffee shop, with locations throughout the city. We recommend trying any of their pastries, which are homemade in Ukrainian Village.


City Press Juice & Bottle
2931 N Broadway St

City Press Juice makes it easy to jump on board with the juice craze. All their juices are cold-pressed, which is the healthiest way to juice by retaining most of the veggies and fruits’ nutrients.


Where to Find Sweet Treats

Bobtail Ice Cream Company
2951 N Broadway St

Walking into Bobtail is like being transported to an ice cream parlor from the 1950s. The ice cream is exceptional and the shop is lovely.



Vanille Patisserie
3243 N Broadway St

Specializing in French pastries and desserts, Vanille offers beautiful and delicious treats. The petit fours and small, individual pastries make fantastic gifts for others or yourself.


If you love macarons, you’ve gotta check this place out.



Where to Eat

La Creperie ($$)
2845 N Clark St

La Creperie is a hidden gem tucked away from the busy Broadway Street. Specializing in crepes, there also offer a menu with delicious, simple appetizers and entrees.


The plant-filled cafe opens up to a back patio with an overhanging tree, making it a ideal spot to spend the morning.


Mortar and Pestle ($$)
3108 N Broadway St

The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce voted Mortar and Pestle the best new restaurant in 2015, and for good reason. This BYOB spot offers breakfast and lunch, with dishes like vanilla pancakes and thai curry butternut soup.


Crisp ($)
2940 N Broadway St

This mouth-watering restaurant is casual, delicious, and oh so filling. Grab Korean fried chicken (the Seoul Sassy is the best flavor) or a Buddha Bowl and hang out at one of their communal tables. It tends to get busy and it’s well worth the wait.


Cesars ($$)
2924 N Broadway St

This restaurant is known for their margaritas, which are offered in a number of variations, like guava, strawberry, and orange passion pommarita.


Mista Pizza ($)
2921 N Broadway St

Mista Pizza makes healthy and savory meals, which always seem to be ready so quickly! Their outdoor seating is perfect for summer – as are their thin-crust pizzas.


Insider tip: This a great option for those with gluten allergies. Mista’s gluten-free wraps are about the best you can find in Chicago.

Chicago Diner ($$)
3411 N Halsted St

This vegan restaurant draws vegans and meat-lovers alike. Their food is so delicious, Chicago Diner has been featured in Chicago best restaurant lists for years.


Insider tip: If you’ve never tried one of their award winning milkshakes, just do it. You can thank us later.

Stella’s Diner ($)
3024 N Broadway St

Love classic diner food? Then Stella’s is the perfect spot for you.


Clark Street Dog ($)
3040 N Clark St

Clark Street Dog is the place to eat classic Chicago-style hot dogs. (They also have burgers and sandwiches.) Chicagoans have enjoyed the grub from this family-owned restaurant since 1977.


Want more? Check out these other top rated restaurants (with convenient, affordable parking nearby):

Glaze Teriyaki ($$)

Stan’s Donuts ($)

5411 Empanadas ($)

Brazilian Bowl ($)


Where to Shop

Lakeview East offers something for almost everyone. From comic book stores, to consignment shops, to boutiques, it can be just as much fun to window shop as it is to shop with a mission.

Here is a list of the top 8 shops in Lakeview East:

1. Belmont Army [855 W Belmont Ave]


2. Hasana Boutique [2937 N Clark St]


3. Graham Crackers Comics [3162 N Broadway St]


4. Reckless Records [3126 N Broadway St]


5. Booklegger’s Used Book [2907 N Broadway St]


6. Elliott Consignment [3015 N Broadway St]


7. Foursided [2956 N Clark St]


8. Hollywood Mirror [812 W Belmont Ave]



Where to Find Entertainment

Landmark Century Centre Cinema
2828 N Clark St

Located in a gorgeous building, the Landmark Century Centre Cinema plays mostly independent and limited-release films.

Insider’s tip: This theater is one of the only places in Chicago to watch Oscar-nominated shorts just before the Oscars.


Laugh Factory
3175 N Broadway St

Second City isn’t the only Chicago comedy joint. If you’re looking for somewhere a little different, this is the place to check out.



Did You Know?

The intersection of Broadway, Clark, and Diversey was a training facility, known as Camp Fry, for the volunteer infantry during the Civil War. Soon after, Camp Fry became a Confederate prison.


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