10 Best Insider Chicago Parking Tips

Parking in Chicago can be rough.  It takes knowledge and it takes tips.  See this list below of helpful resources that can make parking easier.  Whether it’s free street parking, parking in Chicago garages and lots, here are some helpful tips and info.

1. The Local Tourist Chicago Parking Tips – Various medley of parking tips and info on free parking, cheap parking and what to look out for with street cleaning.

2. Soldier Field Parking – Need parking for a Bears Game at Soldier Field?  This is the guide with the A-Class info; comprehensive and chalk full of glorious tips!

3. United Center Parking Tips – Here is a map of where to find free parking, along with links about where to reserve secure prepaid parking online.

4. Downtown Chicago Hotels with Free Parking – Just like the title says.  Showcases two area hotels in Chicago where they actually have free parking.  This includes links to the hotels, along with address and location information.

5. The Chicago Tribune Parking Tips – From the Frugalista column, here are some great tips of free parking maps, and info on cheaper parking garages in specific areas.

6. TheExpiredMeter.com – Great resource and wealth of information for driving and parking in Chicago.  Some topics include:

  • Street Cleaning
  • Red Light Camera Tickets
  • Handicapped Parking
  • Chicago City Stickers
  • Chicago Parking Meters
  • Residential Permit Parking

7. Wrigley Field Parking Tips – Tips and tricks for finding and surviving parking in this impossible to park Chicago neighborhood.

8. Tips for Avoiding Parking Tickets – Ironic because this is from the City of Chicago.  You heard that right!  The City of Chicago’s tips for avoiding parking tickets that they will give out themselves!  It’s actually pretty thorough, but much of it is common sense.

9. United Center Parking Info – More info and helpful advice from Trip Advisor on parking on streets near the United Center.

10. Chicago Street parking tips – This is a great list of some of the top things to avoid and/or be aware of when driving in the city.  You can also check out this resource to avoid the dreaded street sweeper.