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Tips for Dealing with Parking Tickets in Chicago

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We’ve all been there. After a fun day in the city, you head back to your car, laughing about the jokes that were told at lunch. You and your friends turn the corner, only to discover… DUH DUH DUH! That dreaded parking ticket, perched beneath your front wipers, taunting you from its lofty position. And just like that, your day is ruined. So what’s a parker to do? While Chicago is wonderful in many ways, the existence of a preponderance of cheap, convenient, and safe street parking is not one of them. Lucky for you, the folks at Parking.Chicago.Com are here with a handy-dandy guide to avoid parking tickets in Chicago! Didn’t follow our advice? Well, we’re going to take pity on you, as we’ve also got some tips to fight parking tickets and put cash back in your pocket. And in this economy, who is going to say no to that?

Avoiding Chicago Parking Tickets

Nobody likes parking tickets. One wonders how the parking overlords sleep at night, when all they do is walk around town and dole out misery and sadness (though we don’t blame them personally – we all have to make a living). What better way to remove the hassle, stress, and cost of parking tickets than by nipping them off at the source? No more costly tickets, and no more payment plans. Check out these handy resources for avoiding those lovely orange tickets altogether:

The City of Chicago’s Official Guide to Avoiding Tickets – Get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Here, the city breaks down the specific rules for what will get you ticketed, and provides some useful advice about safe places to park.

The Ticket Trap – Not Chicago-specific, but definitely the most fun link on our list. An online video game that teaches you how to avoid tickets! Take that, Playstation 3…

The Parking Ticket Geek – A Youtube clip of Chicago’s own “parking ticket geek”, who doles out tons of useful advice about the do’s and dont’s of parking in the Windy City.

SpotHero’s Guide to Avoiding Parking Tickets – A useful blog post from a local startup, SpotHero, that allows parkers to reserve parking online to avoid the risk of parking tickets.

Tips from The Examiner to Avoid Tickets – Some tips from The Examiner, including information about a local text-based startup that is helping people determine the parking rules in the area that they are looking to park.

The Expired Meter’s Guide to Eliminate Parking Tickets – The Expired Meter is the ultimate resource for Chicago parking, and their post about avoiding parking tickets is a must-read for anybody who is going to be leaving a car anywhere in Chicago.

Fighting Chicago Parking Tickets

Sometimes, all of the research in the world can’t save you from a “No Parking” sign hidden in the bushes. Tickets are inevitable. Whether you had a hard time getting the check at lunch and your meter ran out, you didn’t understand the street signs, or just ran afoul of a meter maid with a case of the Monday’s, it is eventually necessary to fight a parking ticket. Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, this process can often be successful, if you know how to do it. Let us save you money (and fight the man) with these handy links:

The Expired Meter Fights Your Tickets – As usual, The Expired Meter tells you everything you need to know about Chicago parking. This should be your first stop for tips about how to fight tickets, as well as links to local lawyers in case you’re thinking about escalating it to the next level.

Robert Green’s Guide to Beating Tickets – A useful blog post by a Chicago native detailing his strategy to successfully fight parking tickets in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune – An interesting article from the Tribune that points out that most parking tickets that are contested are tossed. See? There’s hope!

Tired of Parking Tickets – A local blog with a ton of useful advice about fighting tickets.

How I Fought and Beat a Parking Ticket – One local woman’s detailed story about how she successfully fought her parking ticket. A useful blueprint for us all!

$105,000 in parking tickets! – Yes, that’s correct! She did get slapped with over 100k worth of parking fines! That is enough that not even a Chicago parking ticket payment plan could help with!

A Lincoln Park Resident’s Story – Don’t believe it can happen to you? Hear one Lincoln Park resident’s parking ticket story directly.

So there you have it. Everything you could ever need to know about avoiding parking tickets altogether, as well as fighting them if you’re unlucky enough to get one. At this point, if you’re still racking up tickets, there’s nothing more we can do to help you – maybe invest in a bicycle? Or better yet, book parking online, save money, and eliminate the hassle of parking tickets completely!