Chicago Monthly Parking

Finding Monthly Parking in Chicago

Finding a great monthly parking spot in Chicago is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. Even in the sea of parking lots that Chicago has, it’s extremely difficult to navigate. hopes to change that, by bringing informational guides and tips about finding monthly parking.

Chicago Monthly

Click to search monthly parking for rent in Chicago. – This is an incredible resource guide which has many links to parking companies, specific buildings and garages, and everything Chicago monthly parking spots related. There are so many great parking garages and lots in Chicago, it’s incredible. Don’t risk it by parking on the street. You’ll need to avoid the Street Sweeper, tow zone restrictions, and a myriad of other regulations. Temporary no parking zones can spring up, and residential permit parking tickets abound. Protect your car and your wallet, and look at area facilities to keep your car.

Monthly Parking By Neighborhood

Information and Tips

SpotHero monthly parking – Search options across many neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area. You can actually book your parking online right then and there with most options allowing you to start parking that very day.

See Monthly Parking Tips and Information -The Local Tourist – This describes average prices and what one can come to expect in their search for that lovely parking spot to place their car.

SpotHero Blog – Tales about tickets from parking on the street along with links to information on a study done by Colliers (their annual parking survey).

Types of Monthly Parking

There are three main types of parking. 24/7 reserved, 24/7 unreserved and then night time and weekend only restricted parking (which is always unreserved). Some will have only reserved spots available, some will have only unreserved, and some will have all three. As you’ll notice, some surface lots have lines with some spots numbered, but others don’t have any lines nor numbers at all.

  1. Reserved parking – Reserved monthly parking is just as it sounds. It’s your own space reserved just for you that is labeled and only you can park there. These are the most expensive spaces in the garage and the price usually starts at double the unreserved monthly spaces and can go much higher than there. With reserved spaces, there is also a variation in the cost. The most convenient spaces are the most expensive. The ones closest to the exit, on the first floor, or near the elevators to the garage can cause convenience (and price) to go up. Depending on the location of the space within the garage is what determines the monthly parking price for the spot. They say that what determined the price of real estate is location, location, and location. Well it’s the same for reserved parking.
  2. Unreserved parking – This means you still get 24/7 access, but you park in any open spot in the garage. This is the most common monthly parking option and much less expensive than a reserved numbered spot in the lot or garage.
  3. Restricted parking – These are monthly parking options with time restrictions. In the Loop, some garages have many spaces open nights and weekends; especially near the Central Business District. Because of this, specials are offered during off peak hours like evenings and weekends. The actual hours will vary by garage location, but these can be great deals usually only around $40 a month. In River North, restricted options also exist, but again it depends on the facility. Some offer 24/7 access only Saturday and Sunday and others only offer the evening specials.